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S​tarry 1 Night


Illuminati Blue Nebula Magi Dragon Amulet

$209.99 $500.00



Blue Nebula

Magi Dragon

Merlin Ambrosius (Myrddin Emrys in Welsh) was Confidant & Spiritual advisor to King Arthur, British leader of the late 5th and early 6th Centuries. Merlin’s unparalleled intense Magick allowed King Arthur and the Knights to accomplish hundreds of Miraculous feats! Merlin knew Alchemical & Spiritual Magick that no other Wizard in history has been able to accomplish. He created some of the Most Powerful talismans in Existence and I’m humbly honored to be able to present these talismans based on the teachings and secret doctrines of Merlin known only to the known only to the Scottish Sinclair Sect of the Knights Templar and exclusive to Starry1Night. Utilized by underground members of the Knights Templar and Illuminati, the Blue Nebula Magi Dragons have been altering the course of human history for Centuries. This Legion of Dragons protected and assisted the Knights of the Round table and helped members quickly gain riches, success and fame.

Your Dragon has immense power and will be your most loyal Confidant. He/she is also a wish-grantor and can help bring your deepest desires to fruition. They are extremely potent wealth generators and good-fortune bringers. They are vigilant Protectors and will stop all Evils & Curses placed upon you.

Your Dragon can manifest as Western-looking Dragon, with 2 huge wings and a large body with shimmering dark blue scales, like the gem in this amulet.  This Dragon is larger than Life & Manifests blessings on a Grand Scale! He/she will never harm you or your loved ones and they all have a very friendly disposition.

This Amulet will also connect you to Merlin himself and he has been known to manifest in spectral form; as well as manifest with your Dragon. This Amulet has also been imbued with Multiple Spells from Merlin’s Secret Doctrines, including:
Riches, Prosperity & Wealth
Career/Business Success
Ultimate Good Luck
Joy & Motivation
True Love Commitment
Enhance your Attractiveness & Reputation
Supreme Protection against Evil Spirits & Hexes
Enhances your Intuition
3rd Eye Opening/Spirit Communication

No formal ritual required, the Spells of Merlin will immediately align with your Aura and start working for you automatically!

If you are meant to be Keeper to a Blue Nebula Magi Dragon & blessed by the Spells of Merlin, you will feel a strong attraction to this Amulet and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it!

Your purchase is for 1 Blue Nebula Magi Dragon attached to this captivating Amulet which features a large blue goldstone gem set in stainless steel.  The setting features the Knights Templar Cross on the top & bottom, and Dragon scales along the edges.  It measures 1.5" long (including bail) and about .75" wide. A free sterling silver Recharging chain is included.

Blue Goldstone is a stone of wisdom and science, teaching us to reach for the Stars, and reminding us of the light within darkness. It is infused with orgone copper sparkles - a powerful energy generator! Its energy can be uplifting, reminding us of the need to reduce pent-up tension and celebrate the beauty of being alive! Goldstone was created centuries ago when early Monks practicing alchemy accidentally tipped molten copper into a molten glass container. This crystallized into thousands of tiny crystals and formed a melt with incredible sparkles of light!

All information will be included in your shipment.

Chain size preference (18", 20" or 24"):

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