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Adorable Hawaiian Lava Dragon Baby Amulet

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Lava Dragon


This offering is for a Captivating Baby Lava Dragon! They hail from the three Active Volcanoes of Hawaii. These sweeties have hatched but enjoy the comfort of these charming 'egg-shaped' vessels. They are very warmhearted and loving and will bestow their Keeper with many blessings!

The Baby Hawaiian Lava Dragons works on many levels to bless their Keeper. They draw wealth, love and joy. They help bring clarity, helping you trust your inner guidance. They automatically open and balance the Meridians and Chakras for effective distribution of energy. They use their fiery Dragon breath to sear past or present karmic bonds that are detrimental to you in this lifetime. This helps you break free from people or situations that hold you back, and release issues that create internal imbalance. They seal energy leaks with a radiant, loving light. They can help you be strong and courageous in all endeavors. They can ignite passion, lust & romance in your relationship. They are wish-granting babies and can help bring you anything you desire. Your Baby Dragon loves to hoard lavish treasures and brings wealth & riches to your feet.

They can manifest through any number of paranormal physical sensations or visions; but most often through fire sources, such as a candle flame or fireplace. They can make the candle flicker or dance and manifest as images from within the flame. They also like to manifest through the smoke of incense or extinguished candle or other fire source. Paranormal signs can include; seeing orbs, twinkling orange lights or vapors.

Your Baby Lava Dragon manifests as a Western-looking Dragon with orange coloring on their wings & back, and soft glittering pink scales on their belly & neck. They have 2 tiny bat-like wings, four razor-clawed feet, and large copper-colored eyes. They breath fire and can make a soft ‘humming’ sound when they are sleeping, relaxed or completely happy & at peace. They are the size of a large cat. They never age and will always be a baby. They will get along perfectly with any pets or other Spirits you may happen to have.

Your purchase is for 1 Hawaiian Lava Dragon housed a dazzling faceted Austrian crystal egg-shaped amulet. It is hard to see in the pictures, but this amulet’s coloring is a blend of orange and pink. This small amulet measures just over 1/2 inch in total length (including bail). There are males & females available. Silver-plated Recharing chain included. Wear your Baby Dragon close to your heart for maximum bonding.

You do not need any special skills to be a Dragon Keeper! Many who resonate with this Dragon will find that they are ready to make major changes in their lives and to embark upon new paths and adventures. Dragons herald that a quest is at hand ~ one's environment that is mundane or fixed is about to shift to one of opportunity & excitement!

They are all un-named, therefore, you may choose the name for your new Baby Dragon!

All information will be included in your shipment, including some special free gifts!

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