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Queen Bee Hoodoo Honey Jar Voodoo Pendant



Queen Bee Hoodoo Honey Jar Pendant
 photo queen bee_zps63ca21hm.jpg

This potent Honey Jar pendant was created & imbued utilizing the Ancestral Haitian Hoodoo Magickal traditions of my associate, P. Jean, a Vodou Huongan Asogwe (High Priest) and my own personal Magick. Combined with intense focus, planetary alignment, age-old invocations and ritual herbs & oils, this piece was imbued with the following:

*Sweeten your lover’s feelings towards you; so they lust for you, fixatedly think about and dream about you

*Sweeten your friends, family, coworker and/or bosses feelings towards you to those of happiness, respect and admiration

*Makes Money come to you & Stick!

*Attracts Love, Money, Business Success from unexpected sources

*Helps one Retain what they Read/Learn; Schoolwork/Studies

*Success in Business and/or Creative Projects

*Helps you Overcome bad habits & destructive behaviors

*Protection: Curses, Hexes, & Black Magick aimed towards you become trapped in the honey

*Attracts Influential, Positive People into your Life

Your purchase is for 1 ritually crafted Mini-Honey Jar Pendant filled with our special secret blend of Occult Herbs, sparkling Pixie Dust, and pure Organic Golden Honey; consecrated and hermetically sealed. It measures in total about 1.25” in height.  These are made fresh every year, and charged under the Summer Sun.

**Do Not ingest or open ~ it must stay sealed. Can be utilized by both men & women.

This One-of-a-Kind, convenient Amulet is sure to be one of your Most Cherished! These also make Enchanting gifts! Free silver plated recharging chain included.

There is no formal ritual required. 

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

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