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 Starry 1 Night


Atlantis Fairy Elestial Pendulum for Spirit Communication Dowsing



Atlantis Fairy Elestial Pendulum

I Spellcast this beautiful pendulum Utilizing the Powerful Celtic Witchcraft of my Ancestors to bring you enhanced communication with your Spirit Friends, Deceased Loved ones and Animals. It was super-charged during several Full Moons, with Extremely Strong Spirit Drawing Energies! Within minutes you’ll be able to dowse the answer to questions and receive personal guidance! This pendulum is also connected to the Fairies of Atlantis! A purely benevolent and Magickal race of Fae, the Atlantean Fairies guard the gate of this divination tool so nothing evil can ever come through. You could even ask for their insight on your deepest issues. Utilize this pendulum with any type of Spirit, especially Fae, Unicorns, Pegasi and other Ethereal beings!

This Pendulum has been appropriately Charged & Cleansed during the Full Moon’s rays. A pendulum can be a very personal tool and your energies will grow to align with it. You can use different pendulums for different reasons ~ you can find a variety of more in my shoppe! Whether you’re reading for others or finding the answers you truly wish to know, this will quickly become a useful tool for you on your journey!

Your purchase is for 1 Spellcast Atlantis Fairy pendulum with a base metal fairy charm. I’ve chosen the purely Magickal Orange Elestial crystal gemstone due to its inherent properties, which naturally make it a most powerful pendulum. The combination of White for Angelic level consciousness and Orange for the Mastery Realm are swirled together in this vibrant gemstone! Incredible layers of interior cavities, color and translucency build with the crystal formations of this pendulum! *Please note the pictures shows a representative sample; your pendulum will have beautiful & unique inclusions within it.

If you’ve never worked with Elestial crystals before, you are in for a real treat! The natural Metaphysical properties of this gemstone bring you profound blessings! Orange Elestial enables one to tune in to the higher levels of consciousness with an enhanced energy that is quite powerful. These crystals are often attuned to the Angelic realm and are excellent for meditation and enhancing dreams. They can be used to: relieve sorrow and depression, lighten the heart, bring broader understandings of past events, and facilitate the ability to view probable futures that encompass a higher good. They are master healers and work on many levels. Elestials are keepers of Atlantean knowledge and impart wisdom and enhances insight. In addition to being an excellent transformational tool (especially for Lightworkers, Indigos, Empaths, Sensitives, etc.), helping one to understand and adjust to change; it is also said to be of significant assistance during meditation. The Elestial concentrates its energy in the pineal gland in the brain where thoughts and feelings are brought into sharp focus. An individual may retrieve information stored in Elestials by running their hands over the etchings of the crystal. You may notice your hands start moving on their own. This is similar to the way the blind use Braille language. It is also written that using Elestial crystals in body layouts will purge toxicity from the major organs in to the bloodstream. This can be purged by drinking lots of water. It is best to clear the mind and have no expectations through this process. Also remember the water afterwards, as you will be detoxified. Elestials can be used to stabilize brain wave frequencies and to put an end to confused thoughts; it can further assist in producing an expanded state of awareness and an encouraging energy to speed up ones Spiritual vibrations. Some say this is the best crystal you will ever own!

This pendulum is not limited to providing just “yes” or “no” answers ~ included in your shipment will be 2 mini-charts you can use; but you can also make or print out your own charts. All information will be included in your shipment.

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