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Deities of Dharma Achieve Greatness Buddha Ring

$54.99 $109.99

Deities of Dharma

Help you Achieve


Awakening &



Dharma refers to the Universal Force that guides our life and carries us safely through the threats and challenges along the way. The closest equivalent to dharma in the West is the concept of grace, the protection and guidance of a loving God. Living in dharma means acting in concert with one’s divine purpose in life.

Following our dharma in the deepest sense means that we’re not really obeying the laws or regulations set down by society. Dharma isn’t about the external world but about aligning with the pure spiritual force within. When our intentions, thoughts, words, and actions support our life’s purpose, we are in dharma. And then we bring fulfillment to ourselves and everyone else affected by our actions.

The Deities of Dharma have been attuned to this enchanting Ring to help bring you Spiritual fulfillment, find your true life’s goals; love, wealth, and career destiny. They will help you to discover our higher self, to realize that your essential nature is Spiritual. Inside each person is a divine being that yearns to come into full expression. They will also help you realize and strengthen your personal unique talent. This is something you do better than anyone else on the planet. We are here in this life to find out what our own special gift is. One clue that we’ve discovered our dharma is that we lose track of time and experience timeless awareness whenever we’re doing that particular thing. We enter a state of bliss. Using our unique talent to serve humanity is another aspect of our dharma. When we use our creative expression to meet the needs of other people, we experience true joy and ecstasy. We detach from the fear and struggle of the ego and surrender to the wisdom of our higher self. Living in dharma allows us to enjoy the boundless love of our spiritual essence.

The Deities will help you attain deep Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment; including, but not limited to; Clairvoyance (ESP/6th Sense), Opening of your 3rd Eye, Recollection of your former lives, Telepathy (reading minds) and Psychokinesis (moving objects with your mind). They will help your relationships (business & personal) grow stronger and more secure. New opportunities will miraculously present themselves to you! Others will be drawn to you and want to be your friend. You will gain confidence, self-esteem and an optimistic outlook. Your body & soul will be one with peace & harmony. Many of your problems will work themselves out without you having to do a thing. Good luck will always be with you. These Deities can be considered wish-granters and will help you attain that which you desire most. As you become attuned to the powers of this Ring, you will sense that the Universal forces around you are becoming warmer and more in sync with your feelings & desires. You can become unbelievably successful in all you do!

The Deities of Dharma are Universal Spiritual benevolent Deities of Wisdom, Love & Compassion, eagerly waiting to assist you on your Life’s journey. There is no formal ritual required. Simply welcome this beautiful Ring & they will automatically bestow you their blessings.

Your purchase is for 1 Deities of Dharma Ring composed of stainless steel size 9. Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place.

Included in your shipment will be a parchment page for your Book of Shadows, a Recharging Pouch, a Spellcast candle and S pellcast incense.

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