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Violet Flame of Saint-Germain Crystal Bracelet

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  Violet Flame of


This beautiful Bracelet has been Attuned to the Vibrational Frequency of the Count of Saint-Germain and the Violet Flame. Saint-Germain was a Royal Count of the French region of Saint-Germain. He was born of Royal blood in the early 1700’s. He rubbed elbows with high Society and European Royalty; confidant to many heads of state at the time. He was multitalented; spoke several languages, gave psychic readings and painted exquisite artwork. He spent a great deal of time studying and teaching Occult and Alchemy subjects and was directly involved in the creation of many Secret Societies, including the Freemasons.

He was regarded as the man who “knows everything and never dies” as he was reported to have lived over 300 years, having never aged due to the secret Elixirs and other Alchemical substances he created. He was also a powerful healer and introduced the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation as his gift to humanity. He is an Ascended Master known as Lord of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray of freedom, justice, mercy & transmutation. After December 2012, mankind has the opportunity to enter into a higher and more divine level of evolution. This shift in consciousness heralds a new age, also called the Aquarian age. This age has been prophesied for over 2000 years as the age of peace and enlightenment. The Master of the Aquarian age is Saint Germain, and his gift to earth for facilitating earth's transition into the Aquarian age is the Violet Flame.

The Violet Flame is a unique spiritual energy that can raise your level of consciousness and heal your body, mind, spirit and soul. It is the ideal tool to help you in your physical, material, emotional and Spiritual life. Utilizing it is one of the quickest ways to accelerate Spiritual growth.

The Violet Flame has the power to erase (or transmute), the effect, and even the memory of our past mistakes. It changes negative into positive, darkness into light, "fate" into opportunity. The flame also erases the resultant "bad karma" of our mistakes. It is a tangible spiritual fire that is charged with the power of freedom, mercy, forgiveness and transmutation. Its very purpose is to transmute negative energy into positive energy. The violet flame literally melts negativity out of you. The flame penetrates the atomic structure of being, wrapping each atom individually, demagnetizing and stripping them - electron by electron - of the physical manifestation of your negative karma. The violet flame frees every particle of energy it touches, and each time a measure of energy is freed, it ascends back to higher dimensions.

The Violet Flame not only transmutes unwanted negative conditions in our World, but also protects and assists in repelling negative thoughts and feelings of others. It has a greater purifying action, which can heal and transform your physical body.

The color violet has the highest frequency in the visible light spectrum, and is at the point of transition to the next octave of light. It is closest in vibratory action to the elements and compounds found on earth. The violet flame gives a positive spin to the electron and atom, thereby raising your vibration. The violet flame can never harm you. It is a scientific fact that matter is neither created nor destroyed, but only changes form. The violet transmuting flame does not destroy. It literally undoes your past mistakes, giving you the opportunity to create a greater work.

Allow the Violet Flame of Saint-Germain to transform every area in your Life!

Here's what people who have used the Violet Flame say:

"I think a lot clearer. I feel lighter. I'm a lot more sensitive to vibrations. And I feel the movement of light almost physically rather than just at subtle levels."

"My relations with people are lighter and more smooth. I don't have that sense of friction."

"At one time I was heavy on drugs and I knew I'd gone too far. The violet flame has cleared up my memory so that now I can think clearly and creatively."

"I can feel an actual lightness in my step and a peace about things that use to make me anxious."

"It gives me emotional control and the ability to be more sensitive to the thoughts of God."

You can use the Violet Flame and experience healing, transformation and Spiritual upliftment. The Violet Flame is the key to individual and World transformation!

Meant for anyone who feels drawn, especially Lightworkers, Indigo/Crystal people, Shamans and Healers.

Your purchase is for 1 Violet Flame of Saint-Germain bracelet composed of a variety of beautiful violet crystal beads, amethyst gems, gold & multi-colored beads and charms. These are individually hand-crafted so no two will be identical and the charms will vary. This is gorgeous wrap-around bracelet; the wire it is crafted on holds its shape on your wrist (there are no magnets or clasps), so it will fit any size wrist. It is sparkling & stunning ~ you will want to wear this one every day!!

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