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 Starry 1 Night


Planetary Pentacles of King Solomon Masonic Illuminati Ring

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Masonic Illuminati







King Solomon’s (also spelled: Suleman, Sulayman & Suleiman) Secret of Knowledge, Love, Magick & Occult Power was hidden in his Precious Magick Talismans! In Prophet Solomon’s modest request for wisdom only, he was rewarded with luxurious riches and the ability to access the Spiritual & Astral Realms, which extended over the upper world inhabited by the Angels and over the entire planet and all of its inhabitants, including all the animals, birds, and reptiles, as well as the demons and spirits. His control over the demons, spirits, and animals amplified his splendor ~ the demons brought him precious stones, and water from distant countries to irrigate his exotic plants. King Solomon’s wisdom grew exponentially and he learned how to create effective Magick Talismans, so he could control all of the Spirits, thereby, controlling his Destiny and changing his Life! Possession of an Authentic King Solomon Talisman will not only Greatly Enhance YOUR Life, but also your own personal Magick, Rituals, Prayers and Spells!

The Secrets of King Solomon were utilized by the Original 9 Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, more commonly known as the Knights Templar. Once inside King Solomon’s Temple, these Christian Warriors found miraculous physical & spiritual treasures, but discovered something much greater: the Ancient Magick of King Solomon. Masters at decoding, the Knights were able to decipher King Solomon’s teachings into Useful & Powerful Magick for their cause! They not only drew upon the Power of the Magick Talismans hidden by King Solomon himself, but they became Masters in Conjuration and quickly gained armies of Djinn, Angels and other Spirits to assist them in battles, protection and amass extensive wealth.

Seven Ancient Manuscripts, considered to be the origin of much of the Ceremonial Magick in Medieval times, were written by King Solomon and passed on to his son, Rehoboam, as a testament that contains all of the wisdom he possessed prior to his death. This testament was carved on tree bark, and the magickal designs were engraved on plates of copper and hidden within the Temple of Solomon.

This is one of the MOST Powerful Talismans you will ever own! Directly imbued with the Secret Codes of King Solomon based on his Ancient teachings & Occult Spells! This Ring has been imbued with the 7 Planetary Pentacles (also known as “Seals” ) of King Solomon! ALL of the Pentacles of the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus & Mercury completely together in ONE Ring! Due to the incredibly powerful nature of this item, it is meant for the discerning Metaphysical Collector ~ please respect its power and use it wisely!

This piece has gone through rigorous cloak & dagger rituals, making it a most powerful talisman! It was imbued following during the astrologically appropriate Planetary date and time! Many have tried to copy this Magick, but have failed!  The powers of this Ring cannot be duplicated! Welcome this Ring and you automatically invoke the Spirits of the Cosmos to do your bidding & enhance your Life in the Most Powerful ways! These Rings have been secretly used in the Occult Illuminati underground by Senators, Business Leaders, Professional Golfers, Music Stars, Astronauts, Cryptic Masons and the Elite; World Leaders, Celebrities and Royalty to help them achieve fame, power & success. It is also important to be a leader in your personal life and give to charitable organizations as you feel called. This Ring helps good people become better; at home and in business. This is an incredibly Powerful Talisman for acquiring massive changes in your Life!


It’s Impressive & Endless Powers are as follows:

**Pentacles of The Sun:
*Holds the countenance “El Shaddai” (Face of God), who all Creatures and Angels obey thereby bringing the possessor anything they desire.
*Subdues those who are egotistical and arrogant, who are jealous of, or want to prevent you from, obtaining your wishes & plans.
*Brings Success, Riches, Power and Authority; your Kingdom is everlasting and will endure throughout the ages.
*Helps reveal secrets and that which is hidden; enables you to see Spirits that are invisible to others. Also reveals the true intent/motive/ thoughts of others, so you can see them for who they really are, not pretend to be.
*Invokes Spirits that can transport you quickly from one place to another through Astral Travel/OBE’s.
*Brings the power of Invisibility when needed. You will not physically disappear, rather, others will not take as much notice of you; allowing you to see, hear and observe unobstructed.
*Frees one from improper imprisonment or arrests, bringing liberty and justice.

**Pentacles of The Moon:
*Assistance with Invocation of Lunar Spirits and unlocks all doors no matter how securely they are sealed.
*Brings protection against all perils and dangers by water; also stops Spirits from causing excess rain, flooding and other natural disasters.
*Brings protection during journeys, invasive attacks by night and every kind of danger and peril by water.
*Protection from all Evil Sources and from injuries to the soul or body. Archangel Jophiel will reveal the knowledge of all, including the virtues of herbs and stones.
*Brings prophetic dreams and reveals answers during dreamtime. Angel Iachadiel brings destruction of enemies and protection from the Evils of the night. Can also call upon him to summon the departed Souls from Hades.

**Pentacles of Mercury:
*Conveys personal magnetism upon the owner.
*Helps to manifest the impossible; granting wishes contrary to the order of nature.
*Influences the written word, tending to make you write eloquent letters, papers, or any writing. Used by all who wish to impress others with their literary skills, particularly authors & poets.
*Assists in gaining knowledge & understanding in all things, and to penetrate the hidden thought of others.
*Serves to open doors of any kind, for nothing it encounters can resist or defeat it.

**Pentacles of Venus:
*Brings friendships to the possessor.
*Obtains grace & honor, and for accomplishing all desires in matters of the heart.
*Attracts love, respect and admiration.
*Influences the person you desire to be attracted to you.
*Excites strong passion & desire.

**Pentacles of Mars:
*For gaining courage, ambition, enthusiasm & all physical accomplishments.
*Serves with great success against all kinds of diseases when it is applied to afflicted parts.
*This seal is of value in resisting one's enemies, and for exciting wrath, discord & hostility among others.
*Of great power of towards bringing victory or vindication in an argument or battle of any kind.
*Causes all demons to obey the wishes of the possessor of this powerful seal.
*The owner of this cannot be harmed. If attacked, the foe's weapon shall turn against him.
*The possessor pronounces the Divine Names of El and Yiai to bring confusion to one's enemies.

**Pentacles of Jupiter:
*Helps in acquiring treasure for gaining business.
*Attain glory, honor, riches, & tranquility of mind.
*Defends & protects against any enemy & against any evil spirits which may linger near one's person or home.
*Serves to acquire wealth and honor. Brings stronger visions & opens 3rd eye.
*Protects form all Earthly dangers.
*Protects against poverty.

**Pentacles of Saturn:
*Compels others to submit to the possessor's wishes & requests.
*Of great value when meeting with adversaries in business or competitions of any kind. It should be worn or carried when looking for work or negotiating any financial contracts.
*Good for protection against any plots made by others & for defense against evil spirits.
*Helps to impose your will upon others. It also brings good news to the possessor.
*Protects the home, and guards all treasures & possessions one may own.
*Sends misfortune to your enemies.
*Can make others listen and tremble before the words of the owner.

There is no limit to what you will be capable of with this All-Powerful Ring!

If you have been searching for that Extra Special & Rare Magickal, you have just Found it! Universal Prophecies revealed the Time is Now to release this piece to the public ~ intended for the Fortunate Ones who feel called and will respect its Power!

  Your purchase is for 1 Planetary Pentacles Masonic Illuminati Ring composed of gold overlay and features the Mystic Symbols: an Arabic Sword, Crescent Moon, Sphinx Head & Blazing Star (Star of David) to Guide you. Please choose your size from the drop-down menu.  Perfect for a Man or Woman, you do not have to wear this item as simply owning it will bestow you its blessings. This Ring will surely be one of your Most Treasured Magick Pieces!

This Ring comes to you from my associate, Scottish Mage & High Master of Solomon & Templar Magick, Lord Sinclair, in collaboration with the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine! The Energy from this Vessel is Amazing and Among the Highest I’ve Ever had the Pleasure of Encountering! If you feel drawn to this Ring, it has Miracles in store for you! You won’t be able to stop thinking about it until it is yours!


All pertinent information will be included in your shipment!

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