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4 Tarocchi Italian Tarot Powers Celestial Spell Ring

$79.99 $179.99


4 Tarocchi

Italian Tarot


Minor Arcana



This gorgeous ring was imbued with the Mystical Powers of the Italian Tarot (Tarocchi) by several Masters of Stregheria (Italian Witchcraft); La Vecchia Religione ("the Old Religion” ) which included specialized oils, herbs, incense and Ancient Incantations of the Minor Arcana. It has also been imbued will full and new moon energy. This Spellcast Tarot Ring is secretly utilized by several Elite Mystic Organizations.

The 4 Gemstones of this Ring have each been Spellcast with Celestial Tarot Power Spells to enhance your life!

The Golden Yellow Stone
Associations: Spring, Fire, South
Spells: Protection, Creativity Boost, Motivation, Life Purpose, Career Finding, Goal Achievement, Removes Obstacles, Divine Spark, Aura Cleansing, Lucid Dreams, Karma Clearing

Cups: The Pink Stone
Associations: Summer, Water, West
Spells: Love, Finding your Soulmate, Radiant Beauty, Glamour, Allure, Super Sexiness, Notice Me, Capture Your Heart, Stamina, Energy, Fulfillment, Peace & Harmony, Joy

The Lime Green Stone
Associations: Autumn, Earth, East
Spells: Increased Wealth, Success, Money Attraction, Gambling Luck, Prosperity, Financial Windfalls, Asset Retention, Good Health, Rapid Healing, Avert Disease, Happy Home, End Addictions (smoking, weight loss, etc.).

The Purple Stone
Associations: Winter, Air, North
Spells: Wisdom, Confidence, Psychic Enhancement, Open 3rd Eye, Telepathy, ESP, Astral Travel, Clarity, Connect with Spirits & Spirit Guides, Strength, Gain Respect, Increased Self-Esteem

There is no formal ritual required – the Spells will automatically begin working for you! You decide how elaborate you wish to use the Powers of your Tarot Ring! You can simply wear and enjoy, or if you desire, you can use according to their associations and/or during your own Rituals & Spellworkings.

Your purchase is for 1 captivating Celestial Tarrochi Spell Ring featuring the 4 dazzling gems of the Tarot, set in a silver plated ring. Size: 8. You do not have to wear to benefit, you can carry with you or keep in a special place! This beautiful piece will quickly become one of the most treasured in your collection!

All pertinent information will accompany your shipment, including some special free gifts!

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