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 Starry 1 Night


My Custom Conjuring Service *U Pick Spirit* into Talisman or Direct Aura Body Binding

$199.99 $888.88

I am extending my personal Summoning Services, based in my Olde World Celtic SpellCrafting, for those interested in welcoming a New Spirit Companion.  This Spirit can be bound directly to you (your Aura/Energy Field) or housed in a  jewelry item you already own or a jewelry item you would like me to provide.  Much of what I have listed in my shoppe can also be utilized for this purpose, such as the Fairy Swarovski Crystals, Archangel Crystals, tumbled gemstones and some of the other items, so if you are interested in having your Spirit housed in any of these types of items, just let me know.   If you would like a Spirit you see in my store, price will be based on that Spirit's original price, so contact me for a quote (which may be higher or lower than this listing).

**Please note, if you want an item provided for you, I will need to add an additional charge to cover the cost of the item. (contact me for a quote)

The types of Spirits I can conjure for you include, (but are not limited to) ;

Fairies, Angels, Unicorns, Pegasi, Gargoyles, Gods & Goddesses & much more.  I can also Summon Baby Spirits as well!  Please email me before your purchase so we can discuss what type of Spirit you would like.  If you are seeking a Djinn/Genie, I refer you to my associate, Master Conjuerer Maantefin (separate listing).


If you so desire, you can choose the name, sex, physical characteristics, personality characteristics, and areas of strengths of your Spirit (such as Psychic Abilities, Wealth, Love, Health, Business Success and more) or your Spirit can encompass all of these qualities. Have no doubt you will enjoy your Spirit because he or she will be Perfectly well-matched to YOU!


Since you are specially requesting a Custom Spirit, I will need time to perform my Ceremonies.  I put intense energy, focus, talent, materials and time into this process, so it will be about a week or so before you receive your Spirit. If you are having me provide a direct Aura binding, it will take 24 hours for the process to be complete.



All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.


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