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 Starry 1 Night


Moon Feather Sardonyx Pendulum


I Spellcast this pendulum Utilizing the Powerful Witchcraft of my Ancestors to bring you enhanced communication with your Spirit Friends or deceased pets or Loved ones.  It can be utilized any time of day or night to connect with the Other Worlds. It can be used with any type of Spirit.  I super-charged this pendulum during several Dark Moon ceremonies for enhanced Spirit Communication!  It was additionally blessed by an Ojibwa Native American Indian Chief with the power of the Bald Eagle, the sacred bird that flies closest to the heavens and represents strength, power, freedom and Ancient wisdom. 

I’ve added Extra-powerful Divining Protection Spells to this pendulum so that nothing Evil will ever come through or manipulate your answers in any way.

This Pendulum has been appropriately Charged & Cleansed and will automatically align with your Energy. It is best to only utilize it yourself and not let anyone else use your pendulums so as not to confuse the Energies.  Whether you’re reading for others or finding the answers you truly wish to know, this will quickly become a very personal and useful tool for you on your journey!

Your purchase is for 1 Moon Feather Sardonyx Pendulum featuring a base metal feather charm.  The colors of Sardonyx vary from reds, oranges, blacks, dark green, white and grey.  Your pendulum will be intuitively chosen for you and include its own unique inclusions.  Look closely at all 3 pendulums pictured and you will see a face in each!  I cannot guarantee you will receive one with a face, but if you feel you'd like one, let me know and I will check my inventory.  I’ve chosen Sardonyx due to its inherent Magickal properties, which naturally make it a most powerful pendulum.  Sardonyx is a form of Onyx combined with Chalcedony and offers the metaphysical properties of both.  This crystal can attract good friends, good fortune, and a good marriage or relationship. Sardonyx brings lasting happiness and stability to partnerships.   It allows you to take delight and joy in everyday life! It improves spirit contact, clarity, and perception and is even said to help find lost animals. This stone instills courage, encourages self-control, and works on diminishing hesitation. Sardonyx supplements will power and strengthens character. Use Sardonyx to help give children courage, particularly if they do not fit in well.  This gemstone is excellent for alleviating depression. Sardonyx has been known to strengthen the immune system.

The pendulum is not limited to providing just “yes” or “no” answers ~ included in your shipment will be 2 mini-charts you can use; but you can also make or print out your own charts!  All information will be included in your shipment.



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