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 Starry 1 Night


Maantefin Professional Custom Conjure Spirit into Talisman or Direct Aura Binding

$299.99 $999.99

Have you’ve been searching for something Different….Something to Suit All of your Needs & Desires, but haven’t found it? Perhaps you’ve been searching for a particular Companion but no one has offered it as of yet. Perhaps a Spirit came to you in a dream and you want to manifest him or her into reality. This is your Chance to Own a Spirit Completely Unlike Any Other!

This listing is for a Spirit of your Choosing and you can have it bound to you (your Aura/Energy Field), an item that you send me (which I will forward to Maantefin) or an item that’s chosen for you.

The Spirit you choose can be any type of Spirit you’d like such as a: Djinn/Genie, Khodam, Dragon, Angel, Fairy, Nymph, Vampire, Watcher, Phoenix, Unicorn, Pegasus…..there are simply too many Spirits available to list them all. Anything you want can be Summoned! If you would like a Spirit you see in my store, price will be based on that Spirit's original price, so contact me for a quote (which may be higher or lower than this listing).


The item you want your Personal Custom Spirit housed in can be a jewelry item you already own.  It does not have to be mailed, the binding can be done distantly/remotely.

Another option would be to have a vessel provided for you; a ring, pendant or tumbled gemstone. Please note there will be an additional charge to cover the cost of the item provided.  

You can choose the name, sex, physical characteristics, personality characteristics, and areas of strengths of your Spirit (such as Psychic Abilities, Wealth, Love, Health, Business Success and more) or your Spirit can encompass all of these qualities. Have no doubt you will enjoy your Spirit because it will be Perfectly well-matched to your energy!

Also, since most Spirits are extremely Social Beings,consider a Companion for another Spirit you might already have. This makes them very happy to have friends and you might possibly notice an increase in activity!


This Exquisite Service is honorably being offered on behalf of my dear friend in Magick, Maantefin, an Incomparable Master of all things Magickal! You will not find a More Powerful Magi than Maantefin. He has distinction as the Chief Expert in his field and his Ancestry is a Living Legacy, having provided talismans Unmatched in Power to the most Reputable & Noble Citizens in theWorld: Celebrities, World Leaders and Royalty! Today is your chance to obtain your very own Custom-created talisman!

Having devoted and studied his entire life to not only Genie Conjouring, but also ilm al-nujum(Science of the Stars), Medicine and Philosophy, Maantefin is a clairvoyant Doctor of Psychology, immersed in Elemental Master realms. He has had an intensive life-long study of Secret hands-on techniques from his Father and Grandfather~ those training in the Magical Arts cannot reach his level,even after practicing for over 50 years. This is not the kind of Magick that can be learned from any book, it is inherently powerful from deep within his soul! His family, friends and clients are living testimony every day to the personal powerful experiences he has with all of the Divinities! He holds aTrue Passion for all things mysterious and miraculous: The Magickal, and strives for nothing short of Excellence!


You did not stumble upon this listing by accident! Your true and rightful Spirit is calling to you right now through this listing! Do not put it off any longer! This is the SIGN you've been seeking! Your Spirit already knows of your desires and has been waiting patiently to enter your life!

Since you are specially requesting a Custom Spirit, Maantefin will need time to perform his Sacred Ceremonies. He puts all of his ntense energy, focus, talent and time into this process, so it will be about two weeks before you receive your distinctive Spirit!

Take comfort in knowing Starry1Night was the very first seller to bring this service to the online marketplace! Back in 2005, I consulted with Maantefin on how we could offer an eBay auction unlike anything online ~ a Custom Auction whereone could actually CHOOSE their Spirit’s traits.

All of the information you share with me is kept Strictly Confidential! This is a Professional Service we are humbled and honored to be able to provide since 2005! Hundreds are now experiencing the Magick of their very own Personal Spirit Companion! Buy in Confidence!  Please email me if you have any questions!



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