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 Starry 1 Night


Loved One or Pet Gateway Tribute Ring


This is a very special Ring for a very special purpose. If you have lost a loved one or even a pet, I will perform a special remembrance ceremony in their honor. This Ring will be imbued with their Energy & Essence to come through this Gateway and be with you forever. I want to make it clear, your loved one will not be “bound” or “trapped” inside this Ring ~ this is simply a Spiritual connection to them through the power of Magick. Rub the side of the ring and it sends a ‘call’ to your loved one or pet and they will be lovingly at your side instantly. Say whatever your heart desires or just quietly enjoy their presence. You don’t have to rub the ring every time, for there will be many times they come to you and you feel their presence without doing so. They may also visit you in your dreams and give you messages too such as; they are okay or you did the best you could for them, or that they love you. Through owning this Ring you are showing this commitment to your loved one; to continue living the best life possible while always honoring them. This is a very personal & devoted way to express the love between you & keep your bonds eternally strong.

Please send me the name of your deceased loved one or pet, along with (if you know) their birth and death date. If you happen to have a picture of him or her, that would be great too. I use appropriate candles, oils, herbs and incense in my ceremonies.

This is a polished Sterling Silver Ring in the Size of your choosing (5-10), which features a gold colored teardrop and along the inside of the band it is engraved: “Until we meet again.” The band is 5 mm wide. The circle shape of the Ring is also symbolic for the Circle of Life; for the transition of ending one chapter and beginning another. I perform a 7 day candle vigil for your loved one and in the process I spellcast this Ring to help you through the grieving process; not completely eliminate it, but help you move through it with greater ease.

These also make wonderful gifts for anyone you know who has suffered a loss. Sometimes we don’t know the right things to say or do ~ this unique gift says it all.

This may very well be the most utilized & cherished talisman you will ever own.

This Ring will be custom ordered in the size you prefer and then I’ll perform my special ceremonies & Spellcasting with it, so please allow about 14 days for the entire process to be completed.


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